Vision of good food

In 2011, Pia Nowotny founded Martha’s in the Königsbau building, Stuttgart’s oldest shopping arcade. Martha’s is a small yet fine slow-food restaurant in the heart of Stuttgart, situated right at Schlossplatz (Stuttgart’s Palace Square).

In the past, the trained banking specialist worked in various companies in the financial sector. With Martha’s, Pia Nowotny has become an entrepreneur and started in a completely new environment.

It was as early as during her childhood when she developed love for good food because of her Grandma Martha, who encouraged her to cook with local ingredients.

At Martha’s, she continues to pursue this passion. Far from mass fast food, the guests enjoy high-quality slow food made of regional products–traditionally cooked, without the use of flavour enhancers, and respecting our environment. Conscious and down-to-earth cuisine.

A future-oriented and innovative entrepreneur, Pia Nowotny extended Martha’s in 2018 to become a modern New-York-style restaurant. It was a brave move that Pia Nowotny translated into action with great commitment and passion.

And she still has great plans for the future. “As an entrepreneur, mother, and lone fighter, you are facing new challenges every day, of course. Nevertheless, I like these challenges, and I’m sure that we’ll continue to convince our guests with high quality and make people happy with good food.”