Good food is our passion

Why Martha’s? It was my Grandma Martha who inspired me. She encouraged me to cook with local ingredients. And she was a master in the kitchen. Not because she had been trained to be a cook but because she was passionate about it. She cooked what had grown in her garden: white cabbage, red cabbage, or savoy cabbage in winter; berries, salad, and vegetables in summer.

Grandma Martha loved to cook and bake for the whole family. Every Friday, she made a hefezopf (braided yeast bun), season-inspired cake, and always fresh bread. The whole family gathered together, and everyone took something for the weekend.

At Martha’s, we continue to pursue this passion. Far from mass fast food, our guests enjoy high-quality slow food made of regional products–traditionally cooked, without the use of flavour enhancers, and respecting our environment. Conscious and down-to-earth cuisine.

Oma Martha

Grandma Martha