We are delighted to have received these awards and take them as a motivation to improve day after day. The most important factor for us, however, is that our guests leave Martha’s not only sated but also satisfied. This is precisely why we do our best every day.

Regionalität regionale Produkte

Schmeck den Süden (“Taste the South”)

We are a member of the Schmeck den Süden (“Taste the South”) association of restaurant owners, bringing a “piece of home” to your table. Be it juicy meat or fresh vegetables: We only serve local products from Baden-Württemberg (Ländle). Verifiable and controlled. Regional and seasonal ingredients.


Schwäbisch Hall Producers’ Community
Red pork or beef currywurst, bacon

Stauferico® gourmet pig
Oberländer currywurst

Failenschmid butcher of the Swabian Alb
Pastrami sandwich, Alb buffalo burger

Sailer bakery
Bread and cake

Raff vegetable farm
Vegetables, salad, apples

Lustenauer mustard factory

Stuttgart Market Hall

Slow Food Unterstützer

Good, clean, fair!

Three times a day, at each meal, we make decisions with major consequences. Our food is inseparably linked with politics, the economy, society, culture, knowledge, farming, health, and the environment.
This is why our food aims to be good, clean, and fair.

Good: tasty, nutritious, fresh, perfectly healthy, stimulating and satisfying the senses.

Clean: prepared without harming natural resources, the ecosystems, or the environment and without causing damage to humans, animals, and nature.

Fair: respectful of social justice, with appropriate remuneration and fair conditions for all–from production to trade through to consumption.

Auszeichnungen Martha's Stuttgart von Der Feinschmecker Fast Food vom Feinsten


Every praise shows us that we are on the right track. At Martha’s, we love what we do, and we are delighted whenever we can put a smile on your face with our food and our service.